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Is there anybody out there? Does anybody care?

January 31, 2006



I’m an enigma even to myself.  I have dedicated my life to learning and understanding how the world works.  I believe that the general public is extremely ignorant of the problems that we face.  I believe that as a society we need a dramatic shift in attitudes to make any real and meaningful change for future generations.  


My generation(X) is a transitional minority that was heavily influenced by conservative values in the 80’s.  There was a slight revolution of thought in the 90s but the current generation is becoming increasingly blinded by consumerism, vanity, materialism, and superficiality. 


I am not content with just forgetting about all the problems and concentrating on the good and happiness.  It makes me feel better to know and understand, rather than to explain to my children why X was an ignorant generation too.


I believe that knowledge is becoming popular and widespread as a result the internet.  It is only a matter of time before the baby boomers are gone and Generations X,Y,Z can start making a difference in the world.


The only power we have as citizens is to influence political events.   So I believe that as citizens we bear a certain responsibility to maintain knowledge and also to advise our government on how they should develop policy.  Otherwise, the only people who will be influencing policy are the radical interest groups that are not in the general interest of society as a whole.


Everybody thinks that they are powerless as one and everybody is generally happiest living in their sheltered communities.  I look around my community and I see extravagance (bigger, better, more expensive) and wasteful attitudes as an insult to the third world.  To me it is nothing more than flaunting our wealth and our arrogance.  I don’t have the financial capacity to make a difference, but our government (which already takes half my money) should be using its tax dollars more wisely and making a commitment to the world to eliminate child poverty by meeting UN recommendations. (0.7% GDP)



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