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The Next War

February 4, 2006
Is anybody concerned about the next war in the middle east?  It seems to me that it is unavoidable and has the potential to be far bigger than Iraq or Afganistan put together.  It has the potential to be WW3 with US/Israel/Britain vs. Iran/Syria/Palestine.  It has the potential to seriously affect world oil supplies and cause a global recession as prices skyrocket further.
There is alot of talk about diplomacy, but it seems clear to me that Iran will never give up any control of the nuclear fuel cycle and they are intent on the destruction of Israel.  In addtion, US/Israel will never let them get away with having nukes in the same way as N.Korea is getting away with it. 
Iran doesn’t have the backing of any superpower and US/Israel will bomb them.  Ibelieve that it will happen sooner rather than later, most likely before elections occur in Israel/US.  I believe the catalyst will be
1. issue referred to UN Security council. 
2. Iran begins full scale enrichment as threatened. 
3.  Wide scale massive bombing by US/Israel to delay nuclear production.
4.  Further international sanctions.
 It appears to me to be far worse than the  build up to gulf war 1 or 2.  The middle east is a powder keg right now and Iran, Syria and Palestine appear to be allied to respond to any attack by Israel.  Israel will be brought in to this war, the US will not go alone.  They will not let Iran get away with thumbing their nose at international consensus, unlike N.Korea that had China backing further talks.  Iran’s policy is clearly the destruction of israel, the US and Israel will bomb their nuclear facilities, sooner rather than later to delay Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear bomb.  Then they will impose sanctions and promote civil war.  This already happened with Iraq and they will try to implement the same strategy.  Unfortunately, I think that Iran and allies are going to put up a greater resistance this time it is going to have a greater affect on the global economy.  The Saudis can’t make up the difference this time.  The US knows this, thus the recent interest in reducing dependance on foreign oil.  The end result is … OIL TYCOONS GET RICH, BUSH GETS MORE MONEY FROM HIS TEXAS BACKERS
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  1. Tanya permalink
    February 4, 2006 12:45 pm

    Hi , thanks for leaving a comment…
    You have twins…!?!
    My best friend has twins, nothing quite like it…

  2. Tanya permalink
    February 7, 2006 12:30 pm

    I am submissive…glad you stopped by again…
    Take care…Tanya

  3. Etta permalink
    February 8, 2006 12:26 am!1p7qzWpz-JLFiMnIbn2gajAg!1088.entry
    That’s the URL on how to create a Guest Book. I don’t know if you can hyperlink in a comment, but if you can’t you can’t, I believe a copy and paste wiill work.
    If none of that works, go to this guys space. He’s got some useful information on making MSN Spaces more fun. His ‘How to.." is where I got the HOW TO MAKE A CUSTOM LIST and HOW TO CREATE A GUEST BOOK. You can link to him on my space.

  4. Charlotte permalink
    February 13, 2006 4:42 am

    your blog is very intersting. But why would you think that korea and china wouldn’t get involved at all … secretly I think they’ld back iran and palastine completely by feeding them bombs and such as the US does Isreal. Because for them that would mean in a sense a second chance a global domination. Get the U.S. and comrades severly hurt or wonded and that would be the best time to attack on our turf. Just a thought and by the way thanks for your comment on my site.

  5. Denis permalink
    February 13, 2006 5:27 pm

    Thanks Webbie, I love the intellectual stimulation!
    I totally agree with you that Russia, China and N.Korea will  sell Iran lots of weaponry to feed the conflict.  I also believe that Russia and China will ultimately veto any Security Council resolution that involves any military action against Iran.  They will do this because they are non-agressive adversaries to the US.  There is nothing new about this tactic, the US has done similar across the world to destabilize governments and ensure their own global dominance.
    Economically, another war will hurt the US and allow China and Russia another chance at global domination.
    Diplomatically, they won’t back Iran publically because they don’t want to be drawn into a direct conflict with the US.  They prefer that the US appears to be an agressor.  The US has a very poor global image right now and they are not doing anything to improve it.

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