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Personality Test

February 25, 2006
I recently took a personality test and I think it accurately describes who I am.
AC Traits – Scored highest
You have a quick, observant mind.  You work at improving yourself spiritually and mentally and keep your mind well honed.  Material things are less important to you than your goals and values.  You are a carefree person who loves adventure and takes risks.  Outdoor life is your playground, and yet you find yourself just as comfortable curling up with a good book.  You enjoy exploring and discovering new worlds.  You are basically a private person.  You have a determined mind, but can be stubborn and argumentative at times.  You are a true and loyal friend to those few you let share in the real you, but you do harbor some prejudices also.
You are inquisitive and uninhibited.  You like dogs and exotic animals in the cat family.  You don’t watch much TV nor go to the movies often.  You’d rather entertain yourself than be entertained.  You are  participant in life more than a spectator.  Sexually you are a dominant force in the bedroom.  You are more logical than emotional.  You’re well liked for your crisp imaginative mind and your congenial sense of humor;  however, you are basically a serious minded person and defend your philosophies and positions with vigor, and people who don’t know you too well become easily irritated and exasperated with you, because you are opinionated.
What makes you unique an emotionally secure is that you like who and what you are and you wouldn’t trade places with anyone.
CD Traits – Scored second highest
You’re a person who sees things in their true perspective.  You don’t color or glamorize.  You like nature and outdoor life and also have an interest in sports as a participant.  You are not overly sentimental and seldom become melancholy.  You love challenges and conquests!  You’re demanding, determined, disciplined and decisive.  You live adventure, excitement and sensual pleasures.  You interact wiht people well, although you’re not as tolerant of their faults as you could be.
You’re totally uninhibited about life in general, and sex in particular.  You play the dominant role in both male and female relationships.  You like real life stories.  You’re restless and walk at a fast pace.  You like adventure, power, travel, history and information.  You have a self-assured and agressive ego, and are not easily intimidated.  You’re more concerned with success and triumphs than you are with money.  You’re inquisitive, opinionated and self-indulgent.  You don’t like frivolous things or trendy fashions.  All in all, you enjoy your role in life, which is predominantly a forceful, take-chare one.  You are interested in politics and civic affairs and you display a sense of pride as well as confidence.  People look upon you as someone who is hard to get to know although they turn to you for advice and favors. 
You enjoy life because you pretty much do as you please.
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