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Being a Biatch is Bad for Your Health

March 4, 2006
An article in yesterdays newspaper titled "Marital Bliss Linked to Healthy Heart"
"A new study based on 150 healthy, older married couples found that women who are hostile towards their husbands during disagreements are more likely to have hardening of their coronary arteries.
For men, being controlling – or being married to someone who is – promotes atherosclerosis"
"The researchers found that the more hostile and unfriendly the women were during the six-minute discussions, especially if their husbands were, too, the more severe the hardening of their arteries."
"Men who didn’t have to struggle for control had much lower levels of atherosclerosis."
Lessons Learned:
1. Be nice to your spouse.
2. Biatches are bad for your health!
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  1. Etta permalink
    March 5, 2006 4:43 pm

    I sometimes believe all stressful situations if played out long enough affect people physically, mentally and emotionally, so I’m not too surprised at your discovery.
    Thanks for stopping by. Your words of encouragement were appreciated. 🙂

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