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The Dalai Lama on Happiness

January 16, 2007
The purpose of life is to seek happiness.

The Dalai Lama sees anger and violence as a reaction to our frustration in our efforts to achieve love and affection, not as part of our basic underlying nature.
The goal is to overcome negative states of mind such as anger, hatred, and greed, and cultivate positive states like kindness and compassion.
Approach others with the thought of compassion: a wish for others to be free of their suffering. Develop a sense of commitment, responsibility and respect towards others.

Three poisons of the mind are craving, hatred and ignorance (fundamental misperception of true nature and of the self and all phenomena).

Realize that change is constant and appreciate the impermanent, transient nature of our existence.

Consider our enemy as a great teacher and revere them for giving us this opportunity to practice patience.
Hateful thoughts collect inside a person and cause loss of sleep, appetite, etc. The practice of tolerance and patience can give anyone refuge and protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred. When anger does come, actively challenge it, analyze it logically and reappraising the thoughts that trigger the anger can help dissipate it.

The Dalai Lama says that if the situation or problem is such that it can be remedied, then their is no need to worry about it (spend the energy on the solution). Alternatively, if there is not way out, no solution or possibility of resolution, then there is also no point in being worried about it, because you can’t do anything about it anyway.

All of the virtuous states of mind- compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, caring and so on are genuine spiritual qualities, because all of these internal mental qualities cannot coexist with ill feelings or negative states of mind.

Strive for penetrating intelligence without artifice, kindness without excessive sentimentality, humor without frivolousness, the ability to inspire rather than awe.

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