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Good Bye Old Men, Say Hello to the NEW Fathers Day

June 15, 2007

"We’re seeing more of an involved, responsible father now than we did before," said Neil Campbell, a psychiatry professor at the University of Western Ontario and the director of Dads Can, an organization that promotes involved parenting.

"Before, he was sort of looking in through the window at the family.… We had equated mothering as parenting or parenting as mothering," he said.

But many fathers today see parenting as a collaborative effort, with nurturing and responsibilities shared equally between mothers and fathers, Campbell said.

"I think there are more and more dads who see it as a family-centred time and it’s really the children being with him. He wears his children, so to speak, and not a tie," Campbell said.

"It isn’t the old traditional view that my father was out working and wasn’t around," he said.

 We believe that every child deserves a committed, loving, responsible father who is involved with the family.



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