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Equal Rights for Men!

October 31, 2007

What’s wrong with having equality for women *and* men? by Walter H. Schneider

Sep 21, 2007 04:30 AM

Les Whittington, Toronto StarOttawa Bureau
OTTAWA–Women’s rights advocates accused the Harper government of ignoring their struggle for equality after a leading women’s group closed its doors because of a lack of federal funding….(Full Story <
> )

During more than 30 years of pushing for equality *for women* and cramming it down our throats, special interest groups like NAWL (the [Canadian] National Association of Women and the Law) achieved many rights and advantages for women that put men at a distinct disadvantage.

Arguably, in effect the elevation of "equal" rights for women, as opposed to corresponding men’s rights, turned men into second-class citizens and in some sectors in society, especially in jurisprudence, to decidedly being regarded as sub-human.

The list of inequities is too long to be shown here in full, but here are some of the points that immediately come to mind:

1.      Pay equity:

Women receive preferential hiring and men experience preferential firing.

The vast majority of the unemployed is comprised of men.

Controlling for job choices made, level of education, tenure on the job and hours worked, many objective and credible studies show that women’s average annual incomes exceed those of men.

2.      Health Care:

Funding for medical research for women’s health issues exceeds funding for medical research for men’s health issues.

 Women’s average life expectancy exceeds that of men by almost exactly five years in the whole world, and by seven years in Canada.

While at the advent of the feminist take-over of our nation there were about 400 female suicides vs. 1,200 male suicides in 1964, those annual suicides now rank in the order of 750 and 3000, respectively.  Yet, every little rise in female suicide rates is announced with great fanfare, hue and cry, while the almost inconceivably large increase in the numbers of annual male suicides receives little attention.

3.      Job Accidents and Job Fatalities:

Roughly nine out of every ten serious casualties and fatalities resulting from job accidents are men.

4.      Jurisprudence:

Although women commit crimes at about the same frequency as men do, the vast majority of inmates in prisons is comprised of men, at a ratio of about 100:1 in Canada and about 17:1 in the US.

Child-murder is called “infanticide” when perpetrated by women and “murder” when men do it, resulting in vastly differing sentencing for women and for men, with women rarely being convicted, while men almost always are, with women receiving nominal sentences (two-years-less-a-day, and rarely served) and with men serving many years in prison for the murdering of children.

Women in divorce and child-custody hearings can lie with impunity and are, if proved to have committed perjury, never indicted or prosecuted for the crime of perjury (one single exception to that rule was the case of a mother who about 20 years ago spent 14 days in jail for her crime of perjury in a child-custody hearing in Edmonton).

Child-custody is in nine out of ten cases awarded to women.

Child-support awards paid by men to women exceed those paid by women to men, at about up to 8.5 times the average of women at the same income levels.

Single custodial fathers average only about one dollar per month in child support for every $50 received by the average custodial mother.

 There are twice as many women non-custodial parents evading child support payments than there are men who do so, and that is even though the number of non-custodial mothers is ten-times less than that of non-custodial fathers.

5.      Family Violence:

 Although women commit partner violence slightly more often than men do, there is roughly $500 million each year in funding for battered-women’s shelters in Canada versus no funding at all for battered-men’s shelters.

 A handful of shelters for battered men sprang up over the years because there is a great need for them, but they invariably had to close down again for lack of funding.  There are few deadbeat dads, but many battered men who are dead-broke.

In at least one case (in Calgary) the government refused to grant an operating licence to a battered-men’s shelter that at great cost had been made operation-ready out of the operator’s own financial resources.

Biological mothers commit the vast majority of violence against children in families, while biological fathers commit about one-ninth of the violence against children in families that women do. Yet, groups like NAWL never ever mention violence against children by the children’s mothers, while those groups wage a veritable propaganda war against men as the perpetrators of all family violence, alleging that women who are violent always act in self-defence, even though women in cases of family violence comprise the vast majority of aggressors.

6.      Public Perception of Women vs. Perception of Men:

That can be summed up in four words: Women good, Men bad!

The mainstream media – on account of preferential hiring of, and due to domination and control by, feminists and feminist sympathizers and camp-followers – has become so saturated with pro-female and anti-male propaganda that now it has become virtually unbearable for respectable men and for any women who still respect men to read or watch or to believe much of what is being put into hearing, view and print.

Yet, the majority of the public is a virtually captive audience for that all-out anti-male propaganda war. The anti-male propaganda war aimed at putting men into a bad light has been and is effective, increasingly more so.

During the years of feminist domination and control, the media became so saturated with anti-male propaganda in ads, in commercial, in articles and in programs, that they easily rival and far exceed the impact of similar efforts by other totalitarian regimes to indoctrinate the masses.

Yet, whenever complaints are launched, they are invariably (with rare exceptions, e. g.: Michelle Landsberg) being scoffed off by explaining that the slighting and outright slandering of men is being committed not out of ill will but in good humour.

A hate crime still remains a hate crime.

7.      Wealth:

Men pay 70 percent of all taxes and 70 percent of contributions to pensions-plans, health-care plans, old-age security, employment insurance and other parts of the social-security safety net, yet women receive 70 percent of the payouts and benefits arising out of the social-safety net, mainly due to men’s vastly shorter life expectancy but not the least because the paying for, and the awarding of, such benefits is quite plainly discriminatory against men.

Women own 70 percent of all corporate equity, largely on account of women having inherited the wealth that deceased men passed on to them, but most importantly also because, when divorces happen, women keep kids, car, cash and castle.

 On average, men quite literally work themselves to death slaving for women, yet, they receive absolutely no credit for doing that.

All of the claims made in the list of inequities are corroborated by credible sources (all of them accessible through


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