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Vote for Justice and Equality

October 14, 2008
Anything But Liberal!
There is no political party that will publically support equal rights.  It is far more politically correct and socially acceptble to be a chauvenist and a eunich and offer special treatment for Women. 
It is ethically difficult for an informed person who believes in equality and justice to ever consider Liberal. The Liberals are the most gender biased of all political parties in Canada.  The Liberal Pink Book outlines a platform that will continue to erode equal rights and subjugate men to a feminist agenda.
The NDP is following the Liberal bias and pandering to feminists in the hopes of replacing the Liberals as official opposition.  Jack Layton used to be an honorable man, when he used to believe in social justice.  Unfortunately, he is deliberatly ignorant of the rampant injustice that men face in Canada today.
These are the important questions that the honourable people of Canada who believe in justice and equality, want answered from a responsible government (credit to Jeremy Swanson).
 1) What will you commit to doing in order that the children of Canada have the right to equal parenting from both their mothers and their fathers?  More particularly, what will you do to dismantle the current discriminatory and hypocritical practice that overwhelmingly awards ‘residence’ of the children to mothers, a practice which, in fact, is simply a way of disguising sole custody for mothers? 

2) What court reforms will you initiate in order to address the overwhelming systemic bias against fathers in every and all levels of the court system in Canada, up to, and including, the Supreme Court of Canada; a systemic bias which is in direct contravention of Section 15.1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights? 

3) What changes will you implement in the family law system so that it is not used and abused by the Divorce Industry to be nothing more than a way to extort and redistribute wealth from hard working fathers to the stakeholders of that Divorce Industry? 

4) What will you do to ensure that mothers who refuse to adhere to court ordered parenting time for fathers are prosecuted for that refusal?  

5)  What will you commit to doing in order to recognise that domestic violence victims are of both genders and that the growing epidemic of abuse against husbands and fathers in Canada by their female partners must finally be recognised by the judicial system as an urgent problem and not something to be laughed about or covered up?   

 6) How much money will you commit to funding real, effective programs and shelters in all parts of Canada for the more than 550,000 men (and their children) who are the victims of spousal abuse?    

 7)  What programs will you put in place and fund in order to alleviate the tragic epidemic of suicides that is claiming thousands of fathers each year, fathers who are driven to taking their own lives by the harsh, discriminatory, debilitating, and unrelentingly destructive practices of the family courts?  

 8) What will you commit to doing in order to recognise that child abuse perpetrators are just as likely if not more so, to be the child’s mother or her live-in rather than the biological father.

What programs will you put in place and fund to protect children from this abuse and return them to their biological fathers where they are much more likely to be raised in a safe, caring environment?   


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