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Fatherless Christmas

January 6, 2009

Fatherless Christmas 

By Sir Bob Geldof 


For those divorced men with children, Christmas is a travesty, a repulsive contradiction of a family holiday, of a loving celebration, of a special children’s time.

These are the men who will be forced to be alone without their babies, who will commit suicide most frequently at this time of year in an age when male suicides are already 300 per cent greater than women’s.


These are men who, in the eyes of what is sickeningly called Family Law, committed the greatest crime – of being divorced.


Men who are guilty of the worst sin – of being fathers – because dads, to the great dismay of the secret elite who sit in secret judgment in these secret courts are, shockingly, ALL men!


How is it in a child’s interest to remove him from his dad and why? Two people fall from love and one, though having done no wrong, is semi-criminalised and punished by having his children removed from him for ever (for childhood is never recoverable).

 The extremity of Family Law is bewildering, for having your children taken away from you is only one slight degree better than them taking away your freedom. And yet you are not a criminal, nor have you done any wrong.


These same people assume that women make better parents – that a mother’s love is better, more important than a father’s. That somehow it’s bearable for a man to be parted from his children but not a woman.


Why? These assumptions and prejudices are not simply outdated but plain wrong, dangerous and damaging.  


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