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Titanic Day…NEVER AGAIN!

April 16, 2010
Thursday, the 15th of April will mark ninety eight years since the majestic ship Titanic sank somewhere south of Newfoundland, Canada. All but 705 of 2,228 passengers and crew were entombed in the icy waters.

Determining whether it was the poor banned from lifeboats for being poor, or the men for being men, does not give us a distinction between classism and something else more noble. Chivalry, like classism and feminism, is just another form of fatal bigotry. It gives privilege, even life, to one person by taking it from another, and it does so by force. We just don’t notice it because chivalry demands we ignore the death of men.

Of the people who met their end in the Atlantic depths that night, the following facts are indisputable.

•The overall death ratio by sex was 9 men to 1 woman.
•By percentage, third class women did far better than first class men.
•The male to female death ration of crew members was 233 to 1

I say look back on April 15th as a day of solemn reflection; a day that fathers will share with their sons, and teach them that their lives are of value; that it is not their role in life to die for the sake of others just because those others are women. And I hope our sons are taught that this is really much more about how we choose to live than how we choose to die.

We hereby proclaim the 15th of April to be Titanic Day. It is a day of reflection and contemplation for men who reject the tenets of chivalry, feminism and all other forms of male indentured servitude.

We seek on this day to remind ourselves, our sons and each other of our intrinsic, inalienable worth as human beings.

We collectively reject that any ideology or social code that would reduce us to mere utility or regard our state as disposable.

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