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CBC – George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth

June 11, 2010

In George Orwell’s 1984, The Ministry of Truth controls information: news, entertainment, education, and the arts. Winston Smith works in the Minitrue RecDep (Records Department), “rectifying” historical records to concord with Big Brother’s current pronouncements, thus everything the Party says is true.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is well known for it’s gender bias in domestic violence reporting and biased website censorship. 

A.K.A. CBC gender bigotry and lies!


I have complained dozens of times and they have not responded. 

CBC Management ignores complaints

The CBC Ombudsman (Vince Carlin) is NOT responsible for complaints of bias…only accuracy. 

The CRTC is NOT responsible for CBC.


They don’t do anything…they’re bureaucrats!

Why am I paying for all of this?


I’ve complained to my Member of Parliament and the Minister of Heritage. 


They don’t do anything…they’re politicians!

Why am I paying for all this?


Why did I bother to work hard all my life and get an education so that I can pay for a system of Government that:


1.  Discriminates against me because I am a man?

2.  Is unaccountable and generates false public opinions via unaccountable government funded agencies?

3.  Is fundamentally undemocratic by censoring of valid and relevant research as well as true stories of domestic violence?


Today’s example of CBC biased journalism and biased censorship


An un-named spokesperson for …HomeFront says These are our very problematic folks, and the question is not if they are going to re-offend — it’s when. These are people who arehighly likelyto kill their partner at some point in the future”


For some reason, has mostly comments indicating the existence of male victims of domestic violence, yet they repeatedly censor this research by experts such as


Don Dutton,

Murray Strauss,


Such as this comment…


HomeFront says “These are our very problematic folks, and the question is not if they are going to re-offend — it’s when. These are people who are highly likely to kill their partner at some point in the future”


This is biased journalism, not expert opinion!


Dr. Murray A. Strauss, expert in Domestic Violence, with 40 years of research, says very infrequently”


Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence:  The Evidence, The Denial, and the Implications for Primary Prevention and Treatment., April 2007

Murray A. Strauss

Symmetry in Perpetration Rates


By 1980 there were already at least ten high quality studies which found that women physically assault their partners at about the same rate as men attack female partners.  By 1995, there were about a hundred such studies.  As of this writing, the evidence is even more overwhelming.  There are about 200 studies documenting equal rates of PV perpetration (Fiebert, 2004).  The meta-analysis by Archer (Archer, 2000) found a pattern of equal or higher rates by women in studies conducted in several national and cultural settings.


Gender symmetry in rates of physical violence may not extend to other forms of abuse or aggression against a partner.  Although there are numerous studies showing substantial rates of sexual coercion by women, men are much more likely to use physical force to coerce a partner into sex, and stranger rapes are almost exclusively a male crime.  Criminal data also suggest that women are more likely to be stalked by their partners and that men are much more likely than women to be perpetrators of parent-child homicide-suicide.  However, these behaviors occur very infrequently relative to non-lethal physical violence in relationships.


6:18, 7:22, 8:18, 9:11, 9:21, 9:54


Or this Comment…


Dutton, Corvo 2006, Transforming a flawed policy: A call to revive psychology and science in domestic violence research and practice


Equivalent rates of severe abuse were found, 8% of women, and 7% of men reporting victimization. Use of repeat, severe instrumental violence by a partner was reported by 2.6% of men and 4.2% of women. Equivalent injuries, use of medical services and fear of the abuser were also discovered in cases where the abuser used repeat instrumental abuse.


Stets and Straus (1992) concluded that not only do women engage in a comparable amount of violence, they are at least as likely to instigate violence. The results also indicated that women were more likely to hit back (24.4%) than men (15%) in response to violent provocation by a partner (Straus&Gelles,992).This latter result is difficult to explain from the patriarchal view that women are more afraid of male violence than the reverse


Simply put, the evidence for theoretical patriarchy as a cause of wife assault is scant and contradicted by numerous studies: male dominant couples constitute only 9.6% of all couples (Coleman&Straus,1985)women are at least as violent as men (Archer,2000)women are more likely to use severe violence against nonviolent men than the converse (Stets & Straus, 1992a,b); powerlessness rather than power seems related to male violence; there are data contradicting the idea that men in North America find violence against their wives acceptable (Dutton,1994;Simon et al,2001) and that abusiveness is higher in lesbian relationships than in heterosexual relationships (Lie,Schilit,Bush,Montague&Reyes,1991) suggesting that intimacy and psychological factors regulating intimacy are more important than sexism (Dutton, 1994)



Even this tragic and true story was censored by CBC


By Mark B. Rosenthal

“You’re disgusting, just like your mother. Why don’t you go join her?” My mother spat the words at my father. Though spoken many decades ago, those words still ring in my ears. He had loved his mother very much, had agonized as her health had deteriorated, and now that she had passed away, he missed her. What could possibly hurt him more than just attacking her memory? Why, wishing him dead too.

My mother’s attacks went beyond emotional devastation. Though her weight of 100 lbs. was no match for my father’s 170 lbs., he never responded with violence. And secure in the knowledge that he never would, she kicked and punched him with impunity.

One incident in particular sticks in my mind. My father had chosen paint for the kitchen that was a shade too dark. My mother started out by insulting him, then yelling. As her rage grew she escalated to hitting him in the face with her fists. I watched him raise his hands, not to strike back, but merely to protect his eyes. But she wasn’t expecting it and her hand must have hit a bony part of his wrist. She immediately stopped, and then started whimpering, “You hurt me!”

My father was not my mother’s only target. I was a small child when she shook me by the shoulders while my head hit the wall. But spending our entire childhoods walking on eggshells to avoid her wrath was even more destructive to us children than physical attacks. All of us, including my father, were driven to suicidal depression. After several attempts, my sister did take her own life.


7:00, 8:19, 9:12


thus everything the Party says is true.

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