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End Game – Rise of the Zetas

July 20, 2010

Zeta – Describes a form of manhood that is counter biological in that it is a consciously chosen path of self preservation vs. the genetic mandate to sacrifice where it concerns women. To say it is anti-chivalrous is an understatement, and to say it is anti-female is a misconception, unless you consider treating women as your equals to be anti-female.


Mangina – Pussy whipped male. Named due to the taking on of feminine tendencies rather than masculine ones. Caused by extreme need to seek approval from females to the point of eradicating his own self and becoming a servant eunuch. Is a man, but may as well have a vagina.


Things that are easily acquired, obtained, or maintained, without any effort or sacrifice, lack value… it’s human nature.


The secret to why the confident guy wins with women, over the nice guy, is that he is perceived as being a stronger, more confident guy with more value. How? He never invests everything — his entire being, ego, and self-worth in what one woman’s response or reaction to him is. He doesn’t gush with compliments; he isn’t always available; he doesn’t give too much; and he knows he isn’t going to die if a woman says “no” to him. More, his attitude is, yeah, I’d like to go out with you, but if I can’t, that’s OK — I’m a busy guy, with exciting things going on, and lots of other options.


I am not suggesting that you mistreat women or disrespect them in any way.

What I suggesting is that you value and respect yourself more.



Paul Elam of A Voice For Men and editor of Men’s News Daily wrote an excellent blog entry.  Paul offers an excellent description of male empowerment, further to that of Marc Rudov and others.


Let’s face it. Pussy is power. It always has been. Pussy power is so great that women can have an entire world of men working like dogs and handing over their money, yielding seats on life boats, opening their doors, acting like trained seals for their approval, agreeing with whatever bullshit comes out of their mouths, and at the same time have those men nodding and agreeing when women claim that men have all the power and need to do more to make things better for women.


True to their unfortunate nature, men will pass laws, lock each other up and brutalize each other to make sure that all these feminine biddings are done.


But the point of Game, which I now call Zeta Game, is in recognizing that while neither sex nor women are scarce, they can both be as dangerous as they are pleasurable, and that an intimate knowledge of the forces that unconsciously drive women, and the ability to exploit it, can help men meet sexual needs and stay out of harms way at the same time.


In the end, it’s not about getting women, but in being able to select them at will, and dispose quickly and safely of the unwanted and/or dangerous one.


Why? Because there will be more waiting for you.


1. Leave your wallet in your pocket. If you want a whore, go to a massage parlor. They are guaranteed to put out for a fixed price, and they don’t follow you around and talk when you’re done.

2. Don’t “date,” women. Ever. Hang out with them. Party with them. Eat with them. But it is never a date. Dating implies financial responsibility on your part, and perhaps gives the impression of exclusivity before you desire it. You owe women nothing for their company or their bodies.

3. Never make a pass at a woman. Never. Stay Zeta and they will make a pass at you.

4. Remember- Sleeping with a woman does not mean you owe her anything. Not a relationship, not a call the next day, not even a promise not to sleep with her sister.


Notice something about these rules. None of them govern anything you should do, but simply show you what you don’t have to do. There is nothing here that says do this or do that for women. It is just the opposite. You do nothing for them at all. You simply live your life without regard to them one way or another. They will show up offering their goods without you doing a damn thing.

It is just that simple.


Advice to young men: Do not marry, do not have children


Don’t Marry


Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men


The intent of this website is to help educate men about
the realities of today’s modern marriage. Please pass the word.

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