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The Globe and Mail: Promoting Domestic Violence

July 26, 2010

The Globe and Mail is well known for their use of misandry, but now they are experimenting with man-hating feminism


In a February 17 article by Margaret Wente, she recommended that if a man is unfaithful… "I desperately hope that one of these days some humiliated spouse will whack the guy with a frying pan. I’d give good money to see that."


In today’s article about Mel Gibson’s foul mouth, Lynn Crosbie recommends… “Nothing wrong with him that a Louisville Slugger couldn’t fix”


Mel’s words are psychological abuse, but nobody knows what drove him to such extremes. The very suggestion of using violence as a response to *bad words* is irresponsible, unprofessional and bad journalism.


It promotes violence against men and women!

IPV researcher Deborah Capaldi, Ph.D., a social scientist at the Oregon Social Learning Center, finds that the best way for women to be safe is to not initiate violence against their male partners. According to Dr. Capaldi, "The question of initiation of violence is a crucial one… much IPV is mutual, and initiations — even that seem minor — may lead to escalation."

As Ehrensaft et al. (2004) put it “studies suggest that this single-sex approach is not empirically supported, because both partners’ behaviors contribute to the risk of clinically significant partner abuse, and both partners should be treated. Women’s partner abuse cannot be explained exclusively as self-defense against men’s partner abuse, because a woman’s pre-relationship history of aggression towards others predicts her abuse toward her partner, over and above controls for reports of his abuse towards her” (p. 268).

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