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Media cronology of the Elaine Campione murder trial

November 30, 2010

It’s amazing to what depths female victimhood will sink to:

“She herself lost her children as well in this whole ordeal.” -Lawyer Mary Cremer

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said his government would “take a very close look at the case, in particular the findings, to find out what exactly we might do.”

I suggest that every politician start looking closely at the bigoted feminist policies in Family Law, Children’s Aid and Women’s Shelters that failed these children.

RIP Sophia and Serena Campione. The feminists failed to protect you because they were too busy protecting your sociopathic mother and keeping you from the father that would protect you.

Feb 22, 2011 DiManno: Powerful child welfare authorities must be called to account

When Elaine Campione was on trial for murdering her two young daughters, the prosecution deliberately declined to call child welfare authorities to the stand. Yet the defendant’s own parents, and her estranged husband, had expressed their urgent concerns about Campione’s mental problems to the local Children’s Aid Society, long before the woman drowned her children in the bathtub in a horrific act of spousal vengeance. The CAS has never been held to account for its decision to return those kids to their mom following her psychiatric hospitalization.  Child welfare authorities in Ontario have immense powers yet are accountable to no one.

Dec 10, 2010  Elaine Campione, who was convicted on Nov. 15 of drowning her two daughters, is appealing the verdict.

In tiny handwriting Campione wrote under the grounds of appeal section that “the verdict was unreasonable and not supported by the evidence.”Beside a question asking whether the applicant wants to be tried by a jury if a new trial is ordered, Campione wrote “no” in capital letters, scratched it out and wrote “yes.”

The Victimhood angle, by anonymous feminists:

Nov 25 Editorial: It’s one ‘size’ that clearly doesn’t fit all offenders

…such as how power and control in abusive relationships can trigger despair, isolation and exasperate mental illness. The Star needs to be reminded that opinion is not factual news. {Pot meet kettle-DP} How many cases of domestic abuse ending in death must be reported before readers start to understand that this social phenomenon can be addressed with better social and legal supports and some compassion?”

…we have the results found in the Campione case and that of Robert Latimer, who apparently rejected a Crown offer to accept a manslaughter plea in the “mercy killing” of his desperately ill daughter Tracy.

More on the Victimhood angle, by anonymous feminists:

Nov 25 Canadian Press:  Ontario mom to get life for drowning her girls–ontario-mom-to-get-life-for-drowning-her-girls–page1

An abusive husband, escalating psychosis and an ineffectual mental-health system were all cited Monday as factors in the deaths of two young sisters

Elaine Campione spent time in psychiatric wards, attempted suicide, had delusions that people were trying to kill her and steal the girls and exhibited bizarre behaviour including not letting one of her daughters touch anything red and claiming she saw aliens.

we have the results found in the Campione case and that of Robert Latimer, who apparently rejected a Crown offer to accept a manslaughter plea in the “mercy killing” of his desperately ill daughter Tracy.

Nov 23  Mclaughlin:  Unfortunately, I will never forgive her

Nov 21 Shanoff: Campione judge deserves the condemning: Shanoff

Following the jury verdict declaring Elaine Campione guilty of two counts of first-degree murder, Judge Stong condemned Campione’s husband, Leo, stating “if Campione had not been so abused, so used and discarded as a person, her two daughters could still be alive.”

The problem with this is Leo was never given an opportunity to defend himself

Nov 19 Adler:  The man is blamed  – Wife murders kids, yet her husband is vilified, based on untested evidence

Nov 19 Mclaughlin: Reluctant judge releases video: Campione trial

Nov 18 Mclaughlin:  Dad expresses grief over murdered daughters

Nov 18 DiManno: Caring father hardly the ‘monster’ described by ex-wife–dimanno-caring-father-hardly-the-monster-described-by-ex-wife

Nov 19  Mclaughlin: The gentle side of Campione’s estranged husband

Nov 17  DiManno:  Mother who drowned daughters sentenced to Life–mother-who-drowned-daughters-sentenced-to-life

Leo Campione’s statements  “Four years have passed since we tragically lost our precious Serena and Sophia, yet the pain has not subsided.

Nov 17 Barbara Kay: When a mother is on trial, the father is the accused

The trial was over, But Judge Stong added comments after the verdict announcement suggesting that if had the power to overturn the jury’s verdict, he would. He said, “It is more than disconcerting to think that if Campione had not been so abused, so used and discarded as a person, her two daughters could still be alive” Judge Stong was determined that even if it is Campione that gets locked up, Canadians would know that the real villain, morally speaking, is Leo Campione, the father of the dead girls (even though his alleged abusiveness was entirely based on his wife’s allegations and never proved), and it is actually the “discarded” Elaine Campione who is the victim.

Nov 17 Wallace and Lodge:  ‘Lives shattered’ by death of two girls: Father

Nov 17 Video: Evidence from the Elaine Campione Trial

Nov 16  DiManno: Taking aim at a grieving dad–dimanno-taking-aim-at-a-grieving-dad

Leo Campione was not on trial. Leo Campione was a victim, the father of two little murdered girls, killed by their mother’s hand.  Leo Campione had pleaded with child welfare officials to remove those children from his estranged wife’s custody, terrified the youngsters might come to harm — fears that were sadly, gruesomely, realized when Elaine Campione took their lives. But on the day of Elaine’s reckoning, found guilty by a jury on two counts of first-degree murder, the judge in the case implicitly aimed his condemnation at . . . Leo.

Nov 12  Mclaughlin:  Killer mom awaiting jury’s decision

After more than three days, a jury continues to deliberate over the fate of a Barrie mother charged with the first-degree murder of her two daughters.

Campione, 35, is charged in the murders of Serena, 3 and Sophia, 1, who were drowned in a bathtub Oct, 2, 2006.

“There, are you happy now?” she asks him, as she blames him for beating her, blames him for not letting her take their children to live in her hometown in New Brunswick, and blames him for driving her to kill their children.  “You want to visit them? … you can visit them in their caskets.”  She also tells him that she, too, meant to die, but the overdose of pills didn’t work.

In contrast, Campione’s defence lawyer, Mary Cremer, pleaded with the jury to understand that Campione was a mentally ill woman who lived in such terror of her violent, abusive husband that she was driven into a psychotic, delusional state where she believed the only safe place for her and her children was in heaven.

.. But the psychiatrist for the Crown testified she appeared to have killed her children out of anger toward her husband and did not show any fear for the safety of her children in the months, days, even moments, before she killed them.

The children’s father, Leo Campione, has never come to the trial. He was at one time charged with assaulting his wife and slapping Serena when the family was still together.  After they separated, he completed an anger management program where his counsellor wrote that he was “struggling to deal with his wife’s extreme jealousy.”

Nov 2 Mclaughlin:  Campione family believed there was something wrong with mom, trial hears

In their last, desperate attempts to gain full custody of the children before they were killed, Leo Campione and his family knew there was something “dreadfully” wrong with Elaine Campione, a jury heard Tuesday.  But three days before the court proceeding, the mother killed the children, then created a video to tell her husband that it was his fault.  Cremer insisted in court the video proves how Campione’s fear and terror led her to believe she had to protect her children by sending them to heaven — but the psychiatrist disagreed. I didn’t see her expressing fear,” said Hucker, who watched the video. What comes across is intense anger.”

Oct 29 Mclaughlin:  Mom’s defence a ‘snow’ job: Crown

Dr. Jeff McMaster testified he couldn’t question the mother about why she drowned Serena, 3, and Sophia, 1, in the bathtub because she has no memory of it, which he attributed to her mental illness.

Meijers said the call proves Campione was trying to fool people into thinking she was psychotic at the time of the killings. “Ms. Campione remembers an awful lot more than what she’s telling you,” said Meijers. “She’s trying to snow you and everybody else.” In court, Meijers also replayed a home-video Campione created that shows her sitting on her couch in front of the camera in an angry rant as she informs her ex-husband their children are dead. “Are you happy?” she says on the video. “You can take your engagement ring and stick it where the sun don’t shine.”

“There is nothing to indicate any kind of hopeless desperation…this is a spouse-revenge killing,” he said. “I don’t read it that way,” McMaster said. “I think she thinks she is doing the right thing by trying to protect her kids.”  But Meijers pointed out another statement made by Campione when she told police: “Now I have God to answer…I will burn in sin.” That statement clearly indicated that Campione knew what she did was morally wrong, the prosecutor insisted.

Oct 27  Mclaughlin:  ‘Her motive was altruistic …

Elaine Campione was suffering from a host of mental disorders that were left untreated, despite the fact that she had been to hospital psychiatric wards four times before she killed her children, a psychiatrist told a jury on Tuesday…Eventually, she believed she had to kill them “out of love, said the doctor…Her motive was altruistic … she viewed herself as their protector and she was unable to protect them in any other way.”

In the months before she killed them, there were “glimpses” of what she might do, but they were essentially ignored, said the doctor. “She was not adequately treated for her disorders.”  He said one hospital record shows that Campione viewed herself and her two children as one entity, and that, if she wished to die, she assumed her children wished to die also.   He said a social worker asked for further exploration, asking: “Does this mean she could be homicidal with them?”. While various doctors prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depression medication for Campione, she wouldn’t take it, said the doctor. “There was no follow-up.”

Oct 28  Mclaughlin: Accused killer mom collapses in prisoner’s box

On the witness stand, psychiatrist Jeffery McMaster told the jury that Campione, 35, has symptoms of a number of mental illnesses, including paranoia, anorexia, depression, psychosis and borderline personality disorder that may have caused her to commit the crime.

“And why doesn’t your report ever mention anger … manipulation? asked Crown attorney Enno Meijers. To emphasize his point, Meijers asked the court to play the video.

The jury has already seen the video that shows baby Sophia splashing in the bathtub while Serena happily draws in a colouring book.  After the children are drowned, the mother returns to the video camera to give a running monologue in an angry, bitter tone, as she tearfully blames her husband, saying, “There, you can visit them in their caskets now.”

As she sat in the prisoner’s box, Campione’s face began to contort as she watched the children play, then she fell onto her lap and moaned “Elaine, they’re hurting Elaine! … Make them stop! Make them stop hurting Elaine!”

Related:  The parents of the two boys were in the midst of a divorce and custody battle, according to court documents obtained by CBC News.

Oct 14  Mclaughlin:  Killer mom berated helpful mother

While the children were being cared for by her ex-husband’s family, Goodine rented a car and helped her daughter take the girls for outings during weekend passes from the hospital.But she said her daughter didn’t seem to be interested in the little girls.  “She was more interested in meeting up with her friend, she said about one outing to a park.  In another outing with the girls to the mall, she said her daughter was only interested in browsing through the shops.

One evening, Campione asked her mother why they were so poor growing up. “I told her I didn’t think we were poor,” she said. She told me I should have got off my fat ass and gone to work.” In another incident, her daughter told her she didn’t want to visit her because she lived in a “hell hole.” When the grandmother sent the girls an Easter card with $5 inside, her daughter called her and told her she was “cheap” and slammed the phone in her ear. As she spoke, the grandmother often broke down and wept, causing the court to shut down.

Oct 13 Blatchford:  CAS pressed defendant to relinquish custody of daughters, murder trial told

A hospital social worker and representatives from two children’s aid agencies were so concerned about Elaine Campione’s ability to look after her little daughters that they had her sign over temporary custody of them to her mother. She had visited her in hospital every day, brought the girls for a visit with their paternal grandparents and taken Ms. Campione to them on a weekend pass (where, she said, her daughter still seemed disengaged from the kids), but was disheartened by her on-again, off-again willingness to reconcile with her allegedly abusive ex.

Over the ensuing weeks, Ms. Campione continued on the same erratic path – one minute claiming to be afraid of her ex, the next wanting to have dinner with him; one minute demanding her mother tell her she loved her and that she had been a wanted baby, the next asking why they had been so poor and suggesting “I should have got off my fat ass and gone to work,” and in the one after that, accusing her of being in cahoots “with the CAS to get the children” from her.

The strain of two days in the stand was obvious; distress was evident, and sorrow. If there was guilt there, it was misplaced. That is not this mother’s cross to bear – the helping professionals, whose dirty fingerprints are all over this file, perhaps; her daughter, certainly, for it was she who held two small heads under water until the bubbles stopped, though her responsibility is for the jurors to decide.

Oct. 4, 2010  Mclaughlin:  Killer mom talked of grand gesture

The woman, known as J.S., testified Campione was angry with her husband and talked of a “grand gesture” to get back at him.

Oct. 4, 2010  Mclaughlin:  Mom chatted calmly

Previously, the jury heard that Campione was connected to several counselors and support workers in the community through the Children’s Aid Society, the women’s shelter and the hospital. She told them, as well as family and friends, that she was afraid her husband was going to get custody of the children.

Sept 27  Blatchford:  Accused in girls’ deaths described as a model mother

Sept 29  Blatchford:  Mother who drowned children was not without social support

What is becoming clear is that whether Ms. Campione is found to have been sane or sick, guilty or not criminally responsible, she had a plethora of helpers, friends and hired guns who were in her corner. It also appears that those two little girls who ended up dead – three-year-old Serena and 19-month-old Sophia – commanded rather less attention.

(This CAS, as a letter to Ms. Campione dated June 16, 2005, shows, had conducted a protection investigation when the couple split up, pronounced that Serena and Sophia had suffered as a result of their parents’ battling and that they were “likely to suffer further harm,” and deemed Ms. Campione as the safe parent.)

Ms. Campione had the superintendent of her apartment building, Paul Duchesne, keeping a special eye out for her; she had Ms. Robinson clucking over her; she had Ms. Wilson to drive her about; she had her counsellor, Tammy McIntosh, at the women’s resource and sex assault centre.

Sept 28  DiManno: Mother hinted girls didn’t have a future, court told–dimanno-mother-hinted-girls-didn-t-have-a-future-court-told

The expensive coat her in-laws had bought as a christening gift for their older grandchild: “Serena will never grow big enough to wear it.’’ The Dora the Explorer twin bedsheets for both little girls: “They will never be out of their toddler beds.’’ On the very day that Elaine Campione is alleged to have drowned her two young daughters — purportedly to avoid losing custody of the children to her estranged husband — she was making comments to a neighbour suggestive of a nonexistent future for the girls, asking if anyone might have use for these items.

… looking straight into the camera and declaring the girls had “gone to heaven,” taunting her husband with the fact of their deaths.

In one of those chats, Robinson told court, Campione described how she’d killed the children. “I asked her what happened to the girls. She said she drowned them. They were in the bathtub blowing bubbles. She drowned them by putting their heads in the water.

Campione told Robinson that she had performed a strip tease at night for other inmates.

In May of 2006, when Robinson asked Campione how she was doing, the defendant replied: “Pretty good for my last day on Earth.’The family came under the scrutiny of the Children’s Aid Society, but Campione’s daughters were returned to her by early July of 2006. She didn’t want him to have the children. She wanted to bring them up on her own.’’

Sept 24  Mclaughlin:  Sister of killer mom testifies

“If I can’t have them, nobody can.

Related:  U of A prof has right take on infanticide

For six decades, women who have killed their babies have typically benefited from reduced sentences under our infanticide law because of the belief that their minds were disturbed from giving birth.

Sept 23  Mclaughlin:  Jurors see video of slain toddlers

She said she called her father to tell him about the remark and he then reported the remark to the CAS and was told not to worry about it.

Sept 23  Mclaughlin:  Journal unveiled in court

Elaine Campione’s children were under the care of the Children’s Aid Society just four months before she killed them

Sept 23  Mclaughlin:  Killer mom sexually abused, jury told

Stress, depression and a history of sexual abuse are all factors that Elaine Campione was dealing with in the months before she killed her two baby daughters, a jury heard Wednesday.  Serena watched him beat me and sometimes had to wipe up the blood.” She also writes how he constantly threatened to take away her children. “He told me if I tried to leave, he would tell people I am crazy and I would never see the kids again.” In her journals, Campione also writes how she left her husband with her children and went to live at a women’s shelter in Barrie, Ont. She describes her fear that her ex-husband and his family will legally take her children away.

Sept 23  DiManno: ‘Now you can look at the caskets and talk to them that way’–dimanno-now-you-can-look-at-the-caskets-and-talk-to-them-that-way

“All I wanted was to escape from you, escape to a safe haven . . . No matter how much I begged and begged and begged . . . nobody would do anything.: She prayed for a resolution, for safety, Campione tells the camera. And then, the prosecution maintains, Campione methodically killed her babies.  “Now you deal with that,’’ she says, camera rolling. “You deal with that for the rest of your life.’’

Sept 17 An Ontario woman accused of drowning her two daughters wept continuously in court–barrie-woman-who-killed-daughters-weeps-in-court

Sept 16, 2010, Slain Ontario girls found holding hands

The videotape found in the bedroom showed footage from the night of Oct. 2, 2006 of the sisters playing and colouring, Meijers said. The tape was turned off at 8:39 p.m. and at that point “Serena and Sophia were very much alive,”

Then at 9:27 p.m. the video camera is turned back on and Campione is sitting alone on a couch facing the camera and talks about her hatred for her estranged husband, how “there is no way I could have them with you,and states that God is taking care of them.

The camera is turned on again at 8:19 a.m. on Oct. 3 and Campione, sitting in the same spot, tells the camera she tried to overdose but it didn’t work. The camera is turned on again soon after

“It’s morning and our babies are in heaven,” Meijers quoted Campione as saying.

The jury also heard a recording of a call at 6:15 a.m. on Oct. 4 made to police — on an administrative line and not 911 — in which Campione states in a quiet voice, “My children are dead.”

October 2006  Bitter custody fight preceded death of two daughters

After more than a year of barely seeing his two daughters, Leonardo Campione appeared to have been on the verge of more regular visits with Serena, 3, and Sophia, 1, when they turned up dead in his estranged wife’s apartment.

The 35-year-old construction worker was still facing criminal charges for allegedly beating his wife and slapping Serena – charges he denies.

October 2006  Court Papers Reveal Troubled History Of Mom Accused Of Killing Her Kids–court-papers-reveal-troubled-history-of-mom-accused-of-killing-her-kids

distraught wife had accused her husband of abusing her.”

Campione charged her husband with assault, a case that was supposed to go to court the day after police were called to her Barrie apartment and discovered her children’s murders.  Francis Elaine Campione was hospitalized twice for psychiatric problems and each time the Children’s Aid Society took charge of the children, then released them back to her.

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  1. November 30, 2010 5:49 am

    Great documentation.

  2. scatmaster permalink
    December 1, 2010 12:50 am

    good job. notice a lot of the “columnists” are women and even they could not for the most part defend the indefensible.

  3. outdoors permalink
    December 6, 2010 4:08 pm

    “RIP Sophia and Serena Campione. The feminists failed to protect you because they were too busy protecting your sociopathic mother and keeping you from the father that would protect you.”

    well said


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