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Single fathers feeling trapped in one-sided system

December 7, 2010

Single fathers lose more than the stereotypical house, car and bank account.

They lose their families, their confidence, and in some cases, even their means of making a living. What’s more, any success they have is garnished without prejudice.

The stigma of the deadbeat dad, the father that is never there for his kids, still remains as strong as ever, though a large part of what perpetuates it is a social justice system that assumes fathers as providers, breadwinners and supporters, without needing support themselves

But what happens when, in order to meet those obligations, the father’s standard of living suffers greatly? What happens when failing to meet those obligations results in not only punitive family law measures, but the degradation of the individual who is suffering to make ends meet?

In all the cases of fathers interviewed, not one said they regretted contributing to their children’s wellbeing. Not one wanted to be free of their familial obligations. All they wanted, they said, was a little fairness, be it the chance to see their children or the ability to have some say in how their money is being spent.

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  1. outdoors permalink
    December 26, 2010 3:49 pm

    “All they wanted, they said, was a little fairness”

    it is really to bad that newly divorced dads don’t realize just how unfair the system is untill they are raped for every penney they have-in exchange for the love of their children.

  2. D Truax permalink
    August 2, 2011 8:30 am

    i was not even married but because i chose to stay, ive been financially raped by my ex and lawyers and my rights mean nothing to anybody. The system allows women to take their unreasonable anger out on the father even though he is being a great father and doing what he can to support them.They call it making the deadbeat dad pay but you get lumped in as a deadbeat when u are not. .Ive got so many bills and am paying so much that cannot afford a proper vacation with my daughter. Then my daughter wonders why dad is frustrated, angry or crying alone in his bedroom. Just kill me now before the system does…

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